Banks rebuild Very slow with Unity Integration 2

I’m working on a multiplatform game, now I’m making some pre-test on the new Unity Integration Plugin 2.0 before migrating to it (so I already have a lot of banks and working events in the game)

I’m testing my (already populated) FMOD Studio 1.07 project on an empty Unity 5 Test project.

There’s no “Refresh Option” anymore, now it seems Unity automagically copy the banks to Unity when a build is launched from FMOD Studio Editor.

The problem is everything is veeery slow… I mean: I change a single parameter in FMOD Editor, than after launching the Build from FMOD I’ve to wait Unity that re-copy ALL the banks from FMOD/Build folder to Unity Project StreamingAssets folder.
This also happens if I change just a single bank (=an event contained in a single bank file)

This will slow-down A LOT my Audio pipeline if I switch to new integration 2.0

am I doin something wrong?
At the moment my integration setup choice is “Multiple Platform Build”, because Level designer doesn’t need to have access to all FMOD project, I just share the FMOD Build folder.
Is there a way to avoid all the *.Bank copy everytime I build the FMOD Project ?

Thank you very much
Gianni Ricciardi
Audio Director

The code is meant to copy only the modified banks into Streaming Assets. I checked the code and found a bug that will be fixed in 1.07.07, or you can see the one line of modified code here