Interactively increase / decrease the number or play percentage of music tracks inside a playlist

Hey there,

What I would like to achieve is, that when a specific game parameter rises, the content of my music track playlist is changing. So when the parameter is at zero, a handful of selected music tracks are being played randomly. But when this parameter increases, FMOD adds a few more music tracks to that playlist (or increase their play percentage), whilst removing others (or decreasing their play percentage to zero).

I wonder if that’s possible. However I couldn’t find a way to automate the play percentage :frowning:


It’s not directly possible to automate play percentage (I wish it could). A workaround would be to use different multis, containing the desired playlists, and switch from a multi to another with a parameter ; however managing the transitions will be tricky…

Thanks for your reply!
Yeah, that was also what I was thinking. It could work in a way, but it wouldn’t be smooth and the playlist couldnt grow slightly, it would rather be an instant change of music tracks.

Yeah, but you could script in your game code to trigger the new playlist only when the last track has finished, if you don’t need fancy cross-fades…

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Okay that’s nice! That could solve one side of the problem.