Set play percentage

After adding a Multi Sound to an event with several sounds in the playlist you can ‘Set play percentage’ to a sound. This sets the probability to 99% and it cannot be changed afterwards. Also after setting the probability for one sound you cannot set the probability of other sounds. Am I doing something wrong?

By default, all the entries in a multi sound module’s playlist have an equal probability of being selected to play. Play percentage allows you to change this by setting specific entries to have a higher or lower chance of appearing: If an entry is given, say, a 10% play percentage, it will play 10% of the time even if there’s only four entries.

Entries which aren’t assigned a specific play percentage divvy up whatever percentage hasn’t been a to specific events; So, if you had a playlist with four entries and one of them had a play percentage of 10%, the other three would each have an implicit play percentage of 30%.

Studio prevents you from adding a play percentage to an event if that percentage would increase the total of the play percentages assigned to all entries in that playlist above 99%. This is to avoid there being playlist entries that consume system resources but never play; If the total play percentage of only some of the entries in a playlist totalled 100%, the remaining entries would necessarily have play percentages of 0%.

To edit the play percentage of a playlist entry, double-click on the percentage value. We should probably also have a context-sensitive menu item for this, so I’ve added a request for one to our tracker.

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I found out that you can edit it by double clicking. However you need to place the cursor after the % and remove everything before typing in a new number. Trying to type something after double clicking does not work.

Thanks for the report - it looks like there’s a bug that wasn’t picked up by our tests. I’ll add this issue to our tracker.

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Is there anyway to select more than one at a time?

I don’t want to sit here and set percentages for groups of hundreds of sounds, can’t I just highlight all and set?

I remember I sued to be able to do this in Designer with no problem… why does studio have all these weird limitations?

@JeremyBochenek There’s no way to bulk assign play percentages in currently-released versions of FMOD Studio, but you don’t have to set play percentages for every sound in a playlist; You only need set it for the few that have a higher or lower play percentage than the others. (This is explained in the answer above.)

In both Designer and Studio, the limitations of any feature are a byproduct of the design decisions made during that feature’s development, informed by the technical constraints and intended uses of that feature. In this particular case, the inability to bulk-specify play percentages is intended to encourage users to take advantage of the implicitly set play percentages, rather than setting all play percentages explicitly.

We are aware that the UI does not currently make the current implicit play percentages of playlist entries’ obvious, and have scheduled some relevant improvements to the interface for version 1.09.00.

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