Internet Radio Streaming with UE4 plug-in


is the UE4 plug-in capable of streaming internet radio (shoutcast or icecast protocols) in my UE4 game?

If not, is it possible to provide this functionality, ideally as blueprint nodes where you input your radio station web streaming code?

For example games like American Truck Simulator or other driving games use this. You can listen to internet radio while driving around there.

Hi ,
You should be able to do this using an event and a programmer sound.

You then register a callback in the Event API for a programmer sound, and pass it an FMOD::Sound pointer that has been opened with System::createStream using the shoutcast/icecast URL.

You can get the Lowlevel FMOD::System::createStream API (fmod.hpp) access via the Studio API’s FMOD::Studio::System::getLowLevelSystem (fmod_studio.hpp) function.

edit: here is more detail about programmer sounds and UE4

Just chiming in with updated links for the internet streaming and programmer sound examples: