is it possible make a music player in UE4?

i mean i can load audio files from disk at runtime(WIN7 64),and play it.
is it possible with fmod?
c++ or blueprint?
any tutorial?
thanks for attention

The normal workflow is to author the music in Studio and then play events in Unreal.

However if you want to trigger manual loading and playing of sounds there are two ways to do it.

First is you can use the FMOD C++ API directly. You can get a handle to the FMOD system with IFMODStudioModule::Get().GetStudioSystem(EFMODSystemContext::Runtime). Given that system, you can get the access to the low-level system, and then load and play sounds:

Alternatively you can create FMOD Studio events with programmer sounds on them, and then use Blueprint or C++ to select the sounds to play. See the following:

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I will try
Thank you very much