IRs to use for convolution reverb

What files can be used as impulse responses in the FMOD convolution reverb? I was hoping to use the .SDIR files that come with Logic’s Space Designer (both as is and also after making them into AIFF), and I’m able to import them but they don’t work properly. The waveform looks choppy and the sound is rough as well. I’m guessing this is a sample rate mismatch, but I don’t see any way to find out what sample rate the convolution verb expects, or to explicitly set it to something. Is there a way to do this? It looks like these SDIRs are all 44.1khz.

What version of Studio are you using?


We don’t support SDIR files. Any sound format that Studio can play should work as an IR.

I think you ran into trouble because there was a bug with stereo AIFF decoding in 1.07.00 that was fixed in 1.07.01.

Thanks, I’ll update to 1.07.01 and see if that fixes it.

FYI, I updated my version of FMOD as you suggested, and this works properly now. Thanks.