Convolution Reverb Surround Issue

I’m on a 5.1 game project and I noticed a weird issue with the convolution reverb (with 5.1 impulse responses). Everytime I open the Fmod Studio Project the return tracks where the reverbs are, generate a stereo output even if the convolution reverb meters shows a 5.1 signal out. The return’s out channel meter (the last one on the extreme bottom right after the panner) shows a stereo modulation. And it’s not only a graphical issue, the signal is definitely stereo. The workaround I found is to deactivate and reactivate the LINK option on the convolution reverb, but seems I have to do it everytime I open the project and I really don’t know if this thing reflects in the banks.
Screenshot attached

How many channels does your impulse response file have? The output format of a convolution reverb effect depends on the number of channels in the impulse response; if the channel format of the impulse response isn’t the same as that of the signal, the signal will be downmixed or upmixed accordingly.

The IR has 6ch (5.1 L,R,C,Lfe,Ls,Rs), the input signal has 6ch (as you can see in the screenshot)