Is it possible to crop a Multi Instrument's start similar to Single Instruments?

When a Single Instrument is placed on the timeline, grabbing the start of the clip and dragging it to the right crops the start.

Using a Multi Instrument however crops the end when grabbed from the same place. This occurs regardless of Async setting etc.

Start offset is available, but it is a % value and will not translate across a Multi Instrument containing samples of different length.

Let me know!

This is using FMOD 1.10.02 Windows 64bit.

Hi Alec,

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to trim a multi instrument’s beginning. You will need to manually destructively edit each playlist item to start at your desired time.

I have added the ability to trim the beginning of multi instruments as a feature suggestion to our tracker.




Hi Alec,

Just to add to my previous answer - you can work around this with one of the following options:

  1. Create a single instrument with the asset(s) you wish to use in the multi instrument, trim it down to size, right click and choose “Replace with Trimmed Copy”. You can use this trimmed copy in the multi instrument.
  2. Create an event containing a single instrument trimmed to the desired size, then use this event as an event instrument in your multi instrument.