Music: 1st Song Start Offset, following songs start from beginning

So I’m stuck trying to figure out how to do this with a single audio source through Fmod. I can easilly enough create the mutlisound and have it play songs consecutively in the scene, but my problem is with the first music to play. I want to be able to randomize start offset for just the first random song that plays, and then the next songs for the rest of the time you are in the scene start from the beginning of the song as normal. So far I have managed only to get the first song to have a start offset, and then the following songs to also offset their start points, which obviously wouldn’t make sense. The idea is a real-life feeling of you entering an area and it never being the beginning of the song as soon as you walk in.

Ideas? Suggestions?

If your event is just a multi-instrument of the list of songs, you can try one of two things:

  1. Have a separate identical “on-entry” oneshot event where the multi-instrument has a random offset. Once this event has finished playing, you can start the regular looping music event.
  2. Have the multi-instrument set to play synchronously. Using game code, use Studio::EventInstance::setPlaybackPosition() to set a random time when starting the event. This is best for when the music in your playlist entries are of equal length.

This is more easily achieved in FMOD Studio 2.00. You can use nested multi-instruments where the first playlist entry is a nested multi-instrument with a random offset that plays once. Once that playlist entry has finished playing, the second playlist entry is another nested multi-instrument. This nested multi-instrument will have the duplicated playlist of the first but without the random offset and set to loop infinitely.