Resize multiple Audiofiles

It’s really interesting that there is absolutely no entry in the forum, so I believe that I’m missing something major and I’m sorry if there is a simple answer, but I can’t find the solution anywhere.
If I select multiple audio files and want to resize them all at once, it doesn’t work and just the clip I’m dragging gets changed. I can hold whatever key I want and it doesn’t change the fact, that the selection gets removed as soon as I want to change the length. What am I missing?

And in the same run: Is it possible to drag multiple audio files into the editor without making a multi-instrument, like by pressing a key? I also tried all sorts of things without luck.

Thanks and again sorry, if I’m overlooking something really obvious…

You’re not missing anything. There is no way to resize multiple instruments at the same time in FMOD Studio.

This action rarely comes up: When using synchronous instuments, it’s unusual to want to adjust the lengths of multiple instruments by the same amount; and when using asynchronous instruments, their exact lengths only matter if you’re using special untriggering or retriggering behavior.

That being said, if this is a feature you frequently find yourself wanting to use, I can add it to our feature/improvement tracker for future development.

Dragging multiple audio files onto an event track always creates a multi-instrument, as dragging the files to a specific track and parameter position in the event implies that you want them to route into that track and play at that parameter position.

However, if you drag multiple audio files onto the events browser rather than the editor, you’ll be prompted to choose between creating an event with multiple single instruments, an event with one multi instrument, or multiple events. Does that help your workflow?

Thank you for your detailed answer.
Yes exactly, I’m trying to trigger quite a lot of async audio-snippets with a parameter, which are tightly timed.
It’s the best solution I came up with, to synchronise an audio-feedback which follows the music, as the player taps along on cues in a quick-time-event style, if that makes any sense.
I would really appreciate it, if it would be added in the future, even though it’s otherwise not something which is used frequently.

And yes, that helps too. Thank you!

I’ve added your suggestion to our feature/improvement tracker.

Since you’re working on a rhythm game, I should mention our quantization feature. You might already be aware of it, but it allows instruments to be “quantized” such that they only start on specific beats and bars.

Thanks for your help! Yes, that I’m familiar with :).

Has this feature to re-size multiple sounds at once been added yet joseph? I can’t figure it out if it has

As of the time of writing (August of 2022), the ability to resize multiple instruments at the same time has not been added to FMOD Studio.

As I mentioned above, this feature is rarely useful, so it hasn’t been a high priority for us.

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No worries! :slight_smile:

Hi there. This feature is very useful, because i use prerecorded audio engine sounds at specific RPM that require even spacing. I think the fact that this is what i googled first as a result proves this fact.

Ah, that’s good to know. Thank you for the correction.

I’d also like to agree that this should be included - it is a fundamental feature of any editing program after all! I was setting up a music system with transition timelines and I had to drag each and every clip one at a time because selecting each clip and dragging only moves the grabbed clip. Please add this!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll add you to the list of people who have requested this feature.

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I’d like to say I also think it would be incredibly useful - I do a lot of work with ambiences, looping engine sounds, etc, that may have different length audio files but all need to be contained with a loop region (for example). I find myself very often moving the edges of asynchronous instruments, and it can really be quite a pain to have to so often repeat the same single action on different instruments so they all fit in the same space.

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Thanks, I’ll add you to the list of people interested in this feature.