Is the length of a complex event available?

I have an event which launches one of two multi-sound regions depending on a parameter, call them the low and high regions. Each region then has a random playlist of about 4 sounds.

When I launch the event, I want to determine the length of the sound that is being played. Is this available? I tried requesting the length itself but it seems to be 0 for this complex event.

Ideally I’d like to know the “full” length of the event instance that was created. If the event is composed of a handful of layered sounds, it’d be nice to receive the full length of those layers as well.

No, there’s no easy way to detect how long an event instance will play for.

There is no way for Studio to know in advance whether the values of an event’s parameters shall change while the event is playing, and a change to those parameter values could easily trigger a sound module or otherwise change the event’s behaviour in such a way as to change its length.

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Great point. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Does this ring true for simpler events that are one-shots of a single audio clip? If so, what does the Event Description’s GetLength function return?