Is there a way to make an Instrument or Channel play only the first time the event is triggered?

Hey guys, kinda new guy to FMod here.
So basically, I designed an event where a heavy enemy lands on is a car and wrecks it.
This is like an attack form it has, meaning it can land on the car multiple times.
I created a layer where a window is violently breaking after the enemy lands,
but after like once it starts to sound really annoying
also I thought about adding another channel where there are only small fragments of glass heard after the first massive window break.
My question is whether there is a way to make a channel or the Instrument of the violent window break to only play for the first time the event is triggered, and afterwards having it not playing anymore?
Also, I guess doing the opposite - making the small glass fragments event not play the first time exclusively, and then afterwards “unlock”.

I am using FMod Studio 2.02.04.

Thanks in advanced folks!

It could be possible in fmod, by using a “count” parameter and increment it by a command instrument, but the correct way to do that in my opinion is to create 2 distinct events (or 1 event with 2 states controlled by a parameter) and to call the correct event (or the event with the correct parameter value) from the game code.