Is there a way to see attenuation sphere in Unreal with Distance Parameter?

As the title suggests,

I’m wanting to know if there is a way to visually create the attenuation sphere when you create a built in parameter “distance” within an FMOD event.

It would be cool to visually see these curved in Unreal (4.15)

Is it a matter of exposing the parameter or debugging. any help would be great. Thanks!

At the moment the integration cannot visualize this (without editing the plugins source code), although it should not be too difficult to get it to work.

I will add a task to implement this in a future release.

If you are interested in editing the integration yourself, I would take a look at the DrawVisualization function in FMODAudioComponentVisualizer.cpp.
Check to see if there is a distance parameter and draw that one instead.

I’m assuming this was never done?

I’m attempting to “Get Property - Max Distance” from an audio component, but it only returns 0.0.

Visualizing a sounds attenuation radius is a basic feature I’d expect out of the box. Is there really no way to do this with FMOD and UE4?

The min and max distance properties refer to the value of all Spatializers and 3D Object Spatializers on the event’s master track. Returns zero if there are no Spatializers or 3D Object Spatializers.

The min and max distances are currently used for visualizing the sounds attenuation. I have bumped up the priority of the task to add the distance parameter to this.

I’m not understanding what you mean by the value of all Spatializers.
My event has Spatializer on the master track and yet anytime the Get Property Max Distance is used, it always returns 0.0
Perhaps it’s not working as intended?

That sounds like it could be a bug, as it should be working and has in my tests.

It would be best to start a new post outlining the issue, any repro steps and the FMOD and UE4 versions.