Issue converting project from 1.10 to 2.01 - invalid event xml file

We’re working on an Unreal based project, which needs to transition to FMod 2.01 to get support for the new consoles. The FMod project is currently using 1.10, and when I try to open it in 2.01 and convert it to a new version I get an error in a couple of event xml files.


Does anyone have guidance here? Pic of the actual error should be above.

The fmod project opens with no apparent problems in 1.10. Opening this particular XML file in a text editor isn’t neatly formatted, it looks like it’s binary or has been obfuscated or something.

Can you try opening the project in 1.10, then going to File -> Validate Project?

Does that produce any issues?

I just did that, and it reports no problems.

Could you send us your project so we can diagnose the migration issue?
You can upload securely via your FMOD Profile.

Much appreciated. Done.

Hi jstatz

That file {08450e2e-70b2-4998-b94e-14ddfb07fbc3}.xml is internally a wav file (when played back, it sounds like foot steps). There’s another file {148ddfde-d631-4739-a858-49e2e4bc65b3}.xml that is another binary file type (I can’t discern what kind of data it is).

The migration isn’t designed to handle binary files in those folders, and I’m not entirely sure how those files would have ended up in that folder. After removing both of those files, I was able to migrate the project without issue.

After discussing it internally, it could potentially be data attached to a dsp, like a convolution reverb ir file. Might be worth doing a quick audit post migration to check if anything has changed

We’re coming in after the fact to bring the project to consoles, and so are being forced to update the project in order to support a newer engine version. Honestly I’m not in a position to know what to look for, though we’ll see if anything obviously seems wrong.

Deleting those two XML files is what we’d done previously, but just removing stuff that’s present in a project without knowing the usage makes me uncomfortable, so I was hoping there was a nicer solution.

Appreciate the attention sir, thanks for looking.