Error while trying to migrate project in 2.00.14 to 2.01.07

Me and the programmer on my team recently upgraded our FMOD Engine and UE4 integration to version 2.01.07. I started getting errors while trying to get live update working, but I realized I was still using version 2.00.14 of FMOD Studio so I decided to also upgrade that to the most recent version. However, now I’m encountering issues with migrating the project to this most recent version. I’m not sure what studio file this error message is referring to and I’m a bit lost on what to do.

I’ve tested migrating projects between 2.00.14 to 2.01.07 without any issue, so we need to investigate what is happening with that particular xml file. Could you please try the following:

  1. Open your project and select Window > Console
  2. Type var thing = studio.project.lookup("{03d544c5-0566-4778-8888-2cda8d399191}"); studio.window.navigateTo(thing);
  3. Check the thing that has been opened for anything that could be wrong. A corrupt instrument or file, or perhaps the name of the thing has some invalid characters. You can also try deleting the troublesome thing.