Issue when making transition between nested events that contain multiinstruments


I am working with nested events to be able to recreate a certain behaviour that requieres de use of multiinstruments.

On my main session I have 3 different regions, each with 3 layers of nested events. Each nested event containts multiinstruments what are controled by internal paramenters. My issue is that when I want to transition between regions on the main session (meaning swapping from a region of nested events to another region of nested events), the multiinstruments from inside the nested events “retrigger” instead of keep playing.

In other words, when I activate the paramentes that enables a transition, the multiinstrument rettrggers despite it having not finished playing the current sample, wich kind of destroy the smoothnes of the transition.

Any way to solve this?

I guess you’re using transition timelines with your transitions. The way they are design internally makes this behavior (retrigger instruments instead of keep playing) and you cannot do anything for that.
You’ll either have to remove the transition timelines or to design your event differently.

Hmmm I have tested now using transition regions instead of “normal transitions” (whatever they are called) and it seems to be working like I want it to right now.

Is that what you meant by not using transition timelines?

Also, is it there anyway where I can learn FMOD in depth? I feel like most of my doubts are just little silly things.


No. Transition regions, as well as normal transitions can have transition timelines (just double click on it).
I just mean this:
If a transition timeline is set, the continuity of an instrument being already played will be lost and it will be retriggered.
But maybe your problem wasn’t related to that.

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