Events and Instruments Stopping when Entering a Transition Timeline

Hi everyone!

I dont’ know if it is a bug of this version or not, I am using 2.01.06, but when an Event enters a transition timeline (both from a loop or a transition region) single instruments (marked with Async) and events (both with Polyphony set to 1) that I have inside the track, they stop. I have all prepared inside the transitions, extending the source of the single instruments or nested events.

If I set the Polyphony to oo what I have is that when entering the transition timeline the instruments triggers again, stopping the first instance.

I don’t know if this is the correct behaviour. Anyone knows?
Thank you!

It’s probably normal. You have to extend your instrument beyond (outside) the transition point, as much as the duration you want the source to be extended (inside). Without doing that, the instrument don’t have anything to play within the transition timeline.

I have it that way actually!
Both for the transition between mark regions and in the loop.
The instrument is excented during the transition timeline and afterwords.

Can you post a screenshot?

Have you dragged a source region into each of your transition timelines, on the same tracks as your instruments? (The source region should be a teal hatched box, not the solid-coloured box of an instrument.)

ok. Don’t kill me. After restarting FMOD it is working now…

This was the problem yesterday, I don’t know if maybe it broke when I was working on it and I wrote the message. But now it is working properly.
So…I don’t know what to say :see_no_evil:

But I am seeing something inusual though. Even though now it is working fine.

fmod problem

You can see my mouse (sorry for the quality of the gif), where I am following the actual sound I am hearing (the correct behaviour), but you can see that the line signaling where it is supposed to be reading the file is not working properly, since it indicates that the audio has restarted when it is not happening.

I think this may have been the problem yesterday, I think FMOD is confused. I don’t know!!!

Hum, I still see your instruments (two bottom tracks) finishing before the transition timeline. Is there some other instrument after that in the main timeline? Could you post a screenshot with the transition timeline closed?
The cursor bug is probably related to another one I’ve noticed: when entering a transition timeline in a nested event, the little cursor on this nested event does 2 jumps, visually incorrect, but without any consequences.

Unfortunately, that animation doesn’t contain enough information for me to tell what’s happening here. Are you able to send us a copy of the event that exhibits this issue?

Sure, I could if you want. How though?

You can give us files in the uploads tab of your profile page. Oh, though you must have registered your game project with us to be able to upload files.