Issue with max instances

Hi, I have a looped sound that’s being applied to an object that appears in large quantities. The sound becomes quite loud when there’s eight or ten playing all at once–that’s to be expected. So I want a limit of maybe three of this event that can be played simultaneously.

The issue is, when I set max instances to 3, I start getting strange behavior where some objects just aren’t making any sound, regardless of their distance. So for example, I may move far away from the objects to another group of objects, but the newer ones aren’t making sounds. I’ve tried every type of “stealing” and none seem to fix this. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

There’s a number of things that could be the cause of this issue.

Where are you setting the instance limit and stealing behavior? In this context it sounds like you’d want to select the event’s master track and set it in the macros section of the deck. If you’re setting it anywhere else, you may not get the behavior you want.

From your description of the behavior you want, it sounds like you want “virtualize” stealing mode. In this mode, event instances that are culled due to exceeding the instance limit should be made non-virtual if their “loudness” exceeds that of existing non-virtual instances.

What method are you using to spatialize the event? For the purposes of calculating “loudness,” the virtualize stealing behavior takes into account attenuation from the spatializer effect and object spatializer effect, as well as automation of certain properties. If some of your event instances are quieter than others for reasons that the virtualize stealing behavior does not take into account, they may remain audible despite theoretically being quieter than ongoing virtual instances of the event.