[Javascript] EventDescription getPath() function is coming back with an empty string

Hello! I am trying to use the getPath() function on an EventDescription and am getting back an empty string in the val with no error from the function (FMOD.OK is returned). Here is the relevant block of code:

var path = {}, size = 0, retrieve = 0;
result = description.val.getPath(path, size, retrieve)
CHECK_RESULT(result, 'getPath() call failed for event instance');

if (!path.val){
	console.log('Fmod Callback could not find description of event for event instance');

And here is the CHECK_RESULT block:

	static CHECK_RESULT(result, message='')
		if (result != FMOD.OK)
			if (message == ''){
			} else {
				console.log(message + ': ' + FMOD.ErrorString(result));

I will provide any other details to help diagnose this.

It looks like you are passing in a size of 0, which should cause an invalid parameter error to be returned. Can you try again with a larger size, say 256 for instance?

Also, be aware the strings bank must be loaded to get this information out.

Doh, you are totally right. Thank you