Latency Compensation

Hey guys!

We’re working on a rhythm game for iOS on Unity and having some issues with latency (especially using effects).

For example - I have a music track with a pitch shifter on it - it gives around 100 ms latency, but it can be easily compensated just by moving starting positiont. But every time this effect does some proccessing (from changing certain parameter in Unity) it cause another latency which I can’t trace and compensate.

Is there any articles or advices/best practices how to deal with these problems?


Hi Tyrann0s,

It’s possible to minimize latency but unfortunately not possible to remove it completely. As you’ve mentioned, adjusting the pitch shifter likely introduces latency due to the windowing. You can try adjusting the FFT size in the pitch shifter to lower values to find a trade off between latency and quality.

You can also read up about latency minimization in our iOS documentation:


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