Layering multiple identical Multiinstrument ensuring they're not playing the same content

Hey guys!
I am currently working on a game’s soundtrack and would like to have the option to randomly layer different musical Instruments playing the same chords (like guitar and piano but also a few more) - so I thought about just duplicating the same Multiinstrument. This mostly works well, but there is a (low) chance that both multi instruments play the same content resulting in one sound being louder.

Is there an option to do so without having to declare every single combination in nested events?

Best wishes

How many layers are in the pool? And how many layers should play together?

8 layers with up to three playing simultaniously!

Minimum 1, maximum 3?

yes excactly!

There is no way to do that simply. But maybe could you simplify your event? For instance: 3 tracks, the main track always playing one random part between your 2 or 3 main parts, the two other tracks sharing the other parts (and with some randomness for playing or not, only for those 2d and 3d track).

As Alcibiade says, there’s no easy way to do what you want in FMOD Studio.

If you’re willing to create some nested events, you wouldn’t need to create one for every single possible chord combination combination. You’d just need to create one for each possible chord, and then ensure that nested event contains both a single instrument that plays that chord and a multi instrument whose playlist contains every other chord.

Yes, I actually did use a quite similar approach in the end because I noticed that actually not all combinations were aesthetically pleasing, so I grouped those sounds which don’t work together into one Multi-Instrument, resulting in only three Multi-Instruments, where the second and third have an silent instrument added.
Thank you both for your help!