libfmod.dylib plugins

Im’ tearing my hair out trying to get a plugin that links with libfmod.dylib to be seen by fmod. I had issues on Windows with this but after copying all the required libraries to my plugins folder it worked. I try the same thing on OSX but I don’t see any plugin. I simply tried adding a call in fmod_noise to GetUserData() and added libfmodL.dylib in the “Link Binaries with Library” section of my Xcode settings. On Windows this only works when I put all the plugin dlls into the application plugin folder. But that doesn’t seem to work on OSX. Can anyone confirm that this works? And if so, what do you do to get fmod to see the plugin?

Using DSPI::GetUserData and having to make FMOD itself a dependency of your plugin is not recommended.

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Thanks for clarifying this. I hope this will be addressed at some point in the future as I think DSP::GetUserData() is an absolutely essential method for anyone developing plugins. In the meantime, perhaps you could put a note about this in the documentation.