How to load custom DSPs from external plugin on iOS /?

since everything is statically linked on iOS I suppose the plugin is already accessible - what can I do on iOS to load FMOD.DSPs from it ?
…I suppose System::loadPlugin and System::setPluginPath would not behave as expected - is there other API I can use ?
Or would [DllImport] all access points be a way ? In that case should FMOD.DSP_DESCRIPTION for DSP creation be used, with appropriate callbacks ?

I’m trying to load/use gvraudio plugin shipped with FMOD, via Unity Integrations.

Thank you for any pointers.

Check out:

Since the plugin files are already supplied you only need to do the last step.
“…edit the file fmodplugin.cpp to manually register the plugins.”
We have already added the code required for the gvraudio plugin in fmodplugin.cpp, you just need to un-comment it out if you want to use it.

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Thanks !