Linking Audio Table to Programmer Instrument in Fmod 1.10.09

Hello everyone.

So Im trying to follow the Fmod documentation online when it comes to linking an audio table to a programmer instrument in Fmod version 1.10.09.

According to the doc, it says you’d simply drag and drop an audio table into the ‘deck’ area of the programmer instrument, which usually would read as “Placeholder” and with the text in the blank area ‘drop audio file here’, the doc says you should be able to drag and drop an audio table into that spot for your programmer instrument, but it doesn’t seem to be working on my side.

Any ideas why this may not be working?

Dragging and dropping an audio table into a programmer instrument is only available for FMOD Studio 2.00 and later.

It’s also important to note that dragging & dropping audio tables onto a programmer instrument does not link them together. Programmer instruments produce callbacks and those callbacks can be used to attach any audio file to that instrument. This includes loose audio files or any audio file in any audio table loaded.