Loading a bank from a file in Editor to show event list

I want to allow a designer to select a bank from streaming assets, load the bank from it and then list out all the(only the) events inside it.

I intend to use FMOD.Studio.bank.getEventList() to get the list of events in the bank.

The problem is that RuntimeManager is not accessible outside of play mode. I thought I could use EditorUtils but it isn’t letting me use it because of its protection level.

My question,
Is there a way to load a bank for editor Mode in an editor Script, or be able to access the FMOD.Studio.bank class from a file or
If there is a better way to get the list of events from a bank than by using the bank class.

Our EventManager.cs does exactly this in the UpdateCacheBank function. You should be able to use that as a guide, or modify it to suit your needs.

This question is very similar, the answer there may help: http://www.fmod.org/questions/question/length-of-an-event-not-on-runtime-editor-scripts/#sabai-entity-content-46663