Loading bank at runtime + playing events

How would I go about loading a bank at runtime with the Unity integration? If I make a bank and load it currently, it will throw ERR_INTERNAL if I use a master bank. If I make a non master bank, I cannot access events by name, only by pointer, which is not ideal either.

Note that I am modding na existing game, and don’t have the original project. I say this because the only suggestion related to this says to copy paste the existing project then delete the assets that aren’t needed.

It sounds like you are trying to add new banks to an existing project, without having access to the original. If this is the case it won’t work as all the banks need to have the same Master Bus ID, and a FMOD System can only access one Studio project.

Hm, seems like swapping the bus GUID isn’t enough. Still get ERR_INVALID_HANDLE after swapping it. (via hex editing)