Loading Multiple Banks

I have two Studio Projects and have separately created output files that I’ll call: A.bank, A.strings.bank, B.bank, and B.strings.bank.

Loading one set - i.e., Studio::LoadBankFile( “A.bank”,…) and LoadBankFile( “A.strings.bank”) will work fine (similarly, just loading and using the B pair works fine). So I know the banks themselves are OK.

However, when loading them both, the second bank load fails with FMOD_ERR_INTERNAL (28). If I load A before B, I get this:

LoadBankFile( A.bank ) <-- OK
LoadBankFile( A.strings.bank ) <-- OK
LoadBankFile( B.bank ) <— Fails, error 28
LoadBankFile( B.strings.bank ) <-- OK

If I reverse the order, I get this:

LoadBankFile( B.bank ) <— OK
LoadBankFile( B.strings.bank ) <-- OK
LoadBankFile( A.bank ) <-- Fails, error 28
LoadBankFile( A.strings.bank ) <-- OK

I’m certain that I’m doing something wrong, but the FMOD_ERR_INTERNAL makes me unsure. I had this issue in 1.10.14 and just updated to 2.00.05 and I get the same result. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

After digging deeper, I believe the issue is related to other posts about loading banks from multiple projects. The error appears to be one of attempting to load a second master bank which I see will not work.

One workaround I saw was to ensure that any additional projects be derived from the master so that there is only one global bus loaded. However, if a project is built without a bank tagged as “master”, Studio will not generate a strings.bank for it. Is there a way to generate a strings.bank for a project that does not have a master bank?

FMOD does not support loading multiple different Studio projects, but you can create DLC or UGC by routing the new events and buses into the games existing buses.


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