Error opening 2 banks from different projects.

I am getting the following error when opening a bank.

[ERR] assert : assertion: ‘mGlobalCount == 0’ failed

I am loading 2 banks each from a different project.

The first one opens normally.
The 2nd open fails with the assertion above and FMOD_ERR_INTERNAL.

If with the next line of code I open the failed bank again , it succeeds. And all seems to function normally.

Along with this behavior if I am opening the 2nd bank with the 2nd try
and release all systems then recreate and load. (We do this to change output devices)

The LIVEUPDATE system will not reconnect with out completely restarting our program.


Studio does not support loading banks from different projects. You are getting the assert because it is trying to create a second global master bus, and there can be only one!

The workflow in Studio is to have a single project per app, containing all your events and the global mixer. You can define as many banks as you like within the one project.

This is quite different to the Designer way, where it was encouraged to have multiple projects, each corresponding to a single bank.

If running more then 1 system, can each system have an individual bank?


Each system created via Studio::System::create() is independent. So yes, you can load banks from different projects in to different systems. Please note, there is a limit of 8 simultaneous system objects.