Localized audio table voice bus problem?

When using the localized audio table, and drag to the programmer instrument ,All voices are in one event/bank.I plan to put a specific voice in a certain bus (in order to set a effect on this bus or apply a sidechain effect to other buses) .It’s impossible to do that?
e event.

A programmer instrument can play any audio asset in any audio table.

If you want some of the assets in your audio table to be routed into one bus, and for other assets in that audio table to be routed into a different bus, the easiest method is to create two different events, each containing a programmer instrument, and route each of them into a different bus. Then, when you need to play an asset from an audio table, choose which event to play based on which routing you you want it to have.

This method will require your game’s code to track which audio assets should have which routing, so that you can know to play the appropriate event whenever your game needs to play an asset that should be routed through that event.

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