Low Api vs studio compability

New User herr so sorry for noobyness :slight_smile:
im gonna work on a game that uses fmod 1.9. It has been under development for some time now and now im gonna do sound design for it.

Fmod studio havent been used thus far in the project. I want to use studio for all new sound implementation in the game. Will there ve any obstacles hooking studio up? Does studio work on top Of low Level api or are they completely separated?

I Dont really understand What the low Level api does. I think in this project it has only been uaed to actually play sounds.
The project is quite confusing because the files created so far has been fsb. Can I play both old and new format in game?

We have recently added an overview of the LowLevel, which may help to understand it a bit better:

You can use the LowLevel API on it’s own, whereas the Studio API works on top of the LowLevel. When you create a StudioSystem it will make it’s own LowLevelSystem which you can access, using Studio::System::getLowLevelSystem(), and use as you would if you were just using the LowLevel API.

Check out the docs, in particular the ‘Tutorials’ section, and also the examples included in the API downloads.