Mac build error "Copy() called does not exist"

Note: I am developing my game on Windows and it builds with IL2CPP with no errors.

Since our composer uses Mac, I wanted to also build the game on Mac, so he could also play it. Unfortunately, it gives me a weird build error and I’m not sure if it is related to FMOD or to Unity.

System.ArgumentException: Copy() calles on path that doesnt exist: “the windows unity project path”/Temp/fmod_register_static_plugins.cpp

If other people have had the same error, please let me know how to fix it. I tried a bunch of stuff with fmod, like saving and building to a new folder. But that didn’t work.

I have tried saving and building the fmod project to a new folder, but that didn’t work.
I have deleted the Library folder so Unity builds it again. That didn’t work either

When I start the Unity project, it even says:
FMOD: Removed temporary file Assets/Plugins/FMOD/Cache/fmod_register_static_plugins.cpp.
That is the same file it tries to read (but not in a windows path)

When I create a new Unity project on mac and add the FMOD plugin and even add the same FMOD project, it builds with no problem.
I also deleted all FMOD files from the project and imported new files … still no luck

I got it to build by creating a completely new Unity project, importing everything from the old project and building that.