Mac OS Big Sur Compatibility

Any word on FMOD being compatible with Mac OS Big Sur?

We’ve had no issues so far and can verify it works on Apple Silicon Macs under Rosetta 2.


Thanks! That’s good to know!

I’m getting pretty frequent clicks and stutters using FMOD Studio 2.1.06 on M1 Mac Book Pro 13" (16GB RAM), macOS Big Sur 11.0.1. I can reproduce this playing any of the Music > Level events in the Examples project using just the built in speakers (either trying 44.1 or 48kHZ sample rate).

Can you try playing the Event then record in the Profiler to see what the CPU stats look like?

Hi Mathew,

I figured out that it seems to only happen when Perforce is online. I guess that makes sense since the Helix p4 client doesn’t officially support Big Sur or M1 yet, and maybe there’s background IO reads that are interrupting the audio stream thread? I haven’t heard the glitches since turning off perforce.

Let me know if you’d still like the profiler recording.

Thanks for the info, Perforce must have been using a lot of system resources, glad to know closing it resolved the issue. I imagine there will be quite a few issues as everyone slowly migrates to M1. I won’t need the profiler recording now the cause is isolated, let me know if any other apps cause this problem, it’s good information for everyone.