Machines without FMOD Studio can't hear any project audio

Using FMOD Studio 1.06.10 with Unreal 4.9.1, we’ve encountered a problem working on the same project across multiple machines where anyone who doesn’t have FMOD Studio locally installed:

  1. Doesn’t see the FMOD assets folder in the content window
  2. Gets “Can’t find file for asset” errors
  3. Hears no audio
    Additionally, if I submit a change using Perforce from my machine and someone else with FMOD Studio locally installed syncs to latest and launches the project, he does not hear my change until he rebuilds the FMOD bank.

All machines have the FMOD plugin integrated and the FMOD bank is being updated in the proper directory: [Project]\Content\FMOD\Desktop. Integrated Source Control is active in both FMOD and Unreal.

Is there any solution to this, other than everyone installing FMOD Studio and manually rebuilding the banks after every change?

You shouldn’t need to have FMOD Studio installed for the integration to work. Could you contact and attach a log from UE4 so we can see what is going on?

This problem was resolved via email, but I’ll post the fix here in case anyone else runs into this.
It turns out that the FMOD banks were being marked as text in Perforce, and therefore weren’t syncing properly. Changing the file type in Perforce to binary resolved this.