UE4 - Banks not building for co-workers in studio

Hello. Having some trouble wrapping my head around how we are supposed to use FMOD across a studio. Project created, masterbank built, submitted over Perforce, co-workers sync but the banks aren’t built for them.

What do I need to submit to guarantee they have the audio, I have tested submitting the entire FMOD project, but that didn’t help at all.

The only thing that actually work was having a co-worker downlaod FMODStudio, open the project, and manually build. That cannot be the recommended workflow, right?

Thanks for any help.

The FMOD-UE4 integration relies on Studio to build the banks into the projects Assets/FMOD folder. If the banks aren’t in the source control for the project then they will need to be built from the Studio project.

Thanks, but I have submitted the masterbank file (we are only using that to test atm) and that doesn’t seem to propagate to other users when synced over the network.
Is there something else that needs to be submitted?
The masterbank shows a “?” in unreal ContentBrowser, so I am not sure if it’s possible to submit the masterbank that FMOD expects.



In short, using Perforce through the UE4 Editor won’t allow you to submit the actual bank files., only the fake uasset for the banks that is recreated every time the editor is launched.

This is because UE4 works with .uasset files and we work with the actual .bank files produced by Studio.
We have a task to investigate the best way to deal with this, but at this point the Perforce plugin for UE4 won’t actually submit FMOD banks.

Right, I figured that was happening. However I am submitting the actual .bank file - should that not be enough?
How do other studios work with FMOD without requiring each individual to manually build the entire project?

/edit I must note that I am not directly using the UE4 P4 integration to submit the bank files, that is being done directly in the P4V client.

That sounds like it should be fine, as long as the integration can find all the banks.
Where are the banks being stored?