UE4 Project Starter Project not seeing Banks built in FMOD when built

Please can somebody help me. I am going stir crazy trying to figure out my problem.

As far as I can tell I have followed all the basic steps to download all the content material from FMOD and UE4 and intergrate the FMOD Studio Plugin into the Game engine but no matter how hard I try, I cannot get the UE4 Project to reveal my FMOD build files in the Content folder of the game.

I have the latest version of FMOD and the latest version of UE4.

The FMOD Plugin is in the Plugins folder of the Unreal Engine Application folder in the Shared folder of my system computer

I’ve set the Build location to a newly created FMOD folder in the Content folder of the my Game folder.

UE4 recognises that FMOD plugin is installed when I check the help topics.

However, validation of FMOD in UE4 prompts the following messages:

That the Build version and the Studio version are different and that the integration may not load properly.

Then I get a following message that says that the path should be set up

Then I get a message then says some banks failed to load and it could not find the Master Bank. The bank I’ve just created.

How do I get the studio tool to match the integration?

Any help from anyone would be gratefully received. I really have been trying to resolve what seems like the most elementary thing for some weeks now with no success!

Yours hopefully!!:slight_smile:


On the downloads page of your FMOD account you should be able to specify which versions of FMOD Studio to download and which versions of the UE4 integration to download. Make sure these versions are matching before running the validation in your UE4 project again.

Hi Richard,

Thank you very much for your message. I believe I have downloaded the latest corresponding versions for both the FMOD integration plugin for UE4 and FMOD Studio so I am still at a loss as to what is wrong. The tutorial assets I am using are featured in this FMOD tutorial and are still on the FMOD download page. I have downloaded these also and it is these tutorial instructions and assets I am using to learn UE4 and FMOD in combination.

Given that this tutorial was created in 2014, obviously UE4 and FMOD have undergone many version updates in that time, but it is the only tutorial I can find that goes into such detail that is required for an absolute starter.

The question is, should I be using the same version of FMOD Studio and UE4 integration to open and run the tutorial assets as were used to create this original tutorial (i.e - a version from 2014) or does it not matter?



If you wish to follow along with the tutorial, it would be best to download the same versions of UE4 and FMOD Studio used in the video so you can follow along exactly. There have been lots of changes made to both software, which can hinder your learning ability. You can transfer the skills learned from the tutorial to later versions.

Any chance that updating the tutorials & manuals are on a task list for someone?

My entire day today was spent with this EXACT issue (even went through the same stir craziness as Dave, too, before figuring out the solution Richard provided). While following along with the 2nd tutorial video in the series, one of the first actions we can take following along is outdated. “Add Event” has branched into “Add 2D Action,” “Add 3D Action,” etc. As a total newcomer, it would be truly enormously cool to know the difference between them.

The written manuals don’t quite match up to the new versions either, nor are they very clear. I love what FMOD can do, but without some very basic formatting things (like capitalizing the sections’ labels), it becomes quite tedious and difficult to search around the screen for something that should be clear from the start.

I very, very much appreciate the time that goes into all of this. Thank you for taking care of all of us!


We are always looking at updating our tutorials but it does require an almost constant effort to keep up with the changes being made both by ourselves and Epic/Unity.

I will pass on the suggestions for improving our existing docs to the team. Thank you for your suggestions.

Thanks for listening, truly! It’s getting easier with use, so I’m guessing by the time the changes happen, I’ll be able to figure out the things I’m still super new at (hopefully) :smile: