Making plugins using RNBO

I am not a programmer (although I dabble and can read code decently). However I have lots of experience with Max.
Their new RNBO program looks interesting and I was wondering how doable it would be to construct a plugin for FMOD using RNBO and its C++ conversion feature.

Any insight would be much appreciated

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It looks like it should be possible to use the exported RNBO C++ artifacts inside an FMOD plugin.

So, you would still need to write an actual FMOD plugin and link in the RNBO C++ stuff yourself, but it looks like it should be totally doable to wrap an FMOD Plugin around a RNBO patch.


Thank you Jeff for the explainer. Now I need to figure out how to build an FMOD plugin from scratch ahahah


We have two example plugin projects in our Core API examples to help get you started. If your RNBO patch generates audio and you need it to behave like an FMOD instrument, then I would start with the fmod_noise example. If your RNBO patch requires audio input and you are needing something like an FMOD effect then the fmod_gain example would be more appropriate.
I would start by building either of those without any changes to verify everything is setup correctly, then add the RNBO stuff once you’ve got something running in FMOD Studio.
The Core API examples can be found in the FMOD Engine package on our Download page. Please let me know if you run into any issues getting setup.

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Very interested in RNBO and FMOD, seems lile it could have a lot of potential. It would be really awesome if there were any tutorials available. Looking forward to hearing more about your progress :smiley: