Maximum number of input channels

Is there anyway to get around the hardcoded FMOD_MAX_CHANNEL_WIDTH constant, e.g. if I want to load a file that has 50 channels? I just need to create the sound and call readData, I’m not going to attach it to a channel or run through DSP. Thanks.


Unfortunately, FMOD does not support anything above our hard-coded max channel limit. If you could elaborate on why you need 50 channels I may be able to assist further.


After some more investigation, I think I can deinterleave all of my files, and store them in an fsb file. That’s probably a better solution. But I could use your help with that.

I’m having some issues with the fsb file. I’m using the FSBank application (on macos). I load a bunch of mono wav files, then build an fsb file. Then in my FMOD code, I load the file with a sequence of calls like:

createSound (using FMOD_CREATESAMPLE)
lock / unlock on the sub sound

If the fsb is created in “PCM” or “Vorbis” format, everything works correctly.

If the fsb is created in “FADPCM” format, then the length that the subsound reports is not what I’m expecting. Each input wav file has 200 samples. In “PCM” and “Vorbis” formats, the subsound reports a length of 200 (with FMOD_TIMEUNIT_PCM). In “FADPCM” the subsound reports a length of 256. Is FADPCM changing the sample rate? The “Optimize sample rate” checkbox is not selected in FSBank (that checkbox actually doesn’t seem to make a difference in the output).


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Hmm it seems that FADPCM might just be padding the data with 0’s.

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Apologies for the long response.

Could I get a code snipped of what you are testing?