What data is in the Metadata\Return folder.

I’m setting up a zip file for user content creation, there is only a framework project i.e. buss and bank names.

The return folder has 1 file that is 14 meg in size.

Can I delete this file?



There should only be .xml files in the Metadata\Return folder. Not entirely sure what the 14 meg file might be. Can you provide more information about that file (e.g. filename or if it’s a text file, the first few lines of the content)?

Here is a link to the projects, We are using it for UGC, wondering if I can delete the big file?;topic=377219.0;attach=23663

It is in the FmodProjects\CustomSounds project,

Thanks Dale

Hi Dale,

Sorry for the delay as it too a few days for me to get access to the board you posted the project on. I had a look at the 14mb file in the Metadata/Return folder and it turned out to be a legit project file. The reason why it is 14mb is because of the convolution reverb which apparently points to a impulse response that is ~14mb in size. Studio at the moment makes a copy of the impulse response data and stick it in the xml. If you wish to reduce the size of file, we recommend using a impulse response that is smaller in file size.

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