FMOD deletes my metadata files upon saving and exiting

This all happened after I updated to Sonoma 14.0

I had been working on my FMOD project, saving and closing after every session ofc. When I go to open it up just now, all but two of my events are deleted, and it’s the same story for the banks. All the assets are still there however.

I went into the Metadata folder to check to see if they were just hidden, to find that the event and bank files had been straight up deleted.

I used Time Machine to grab an older copy of the project that wasn’t broken and restored. Upon opening the project, everything was back to normal. I thought I was in the clear, but when I saved and exited, I watched as the files suddenly disappeared from my finder window.

When I try to re-place the metadata folder with one that I had duplicated and saved, I get the message that I can’t replace invisible files. I have no idea what that means tbh.

Is there anyone that knows what is happening? Is there an easy fix? Is there something I did wrong? I can totally answer follow up questions if something is unclear.

Thank you for your help!

I re-downloaded the application to see if that would fix anything, now the project just corrupts and deletes all the files upon exiting. Why is it deleting files upon exiting? Now everytime I open the file after that, it’s just an empty project.

Does anyone have any clue what is going on?


What version of FMOD Studio are you using?

Using 2.02.17 and Sonoma 14.0 I was not able to reproduce the issue with the following steps:

  1. Open a project from with Welcome Window
  2. Add an event
  3. Save the Project
  4. Quit the project using Command Q
  5. Reopen the project

All my previous events and the newly created one are present.

Could I get a screenshot of your FMOD Studio Interface Preferences:

I am using the latest version of FMOD, I deleted and reinstalled it last night. Attached are screenshots of recurring problems, and a screen recording showing the problem. I’ve narrowed it down to the corruption occurring when I rename files. In the video is a backup copy of my project, and I show the meta data files. You can see when I rename save and quit, the files disappear and they no longer appear in the project. Let me know if there is anything else you need to see.

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And here are the screenshots

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Thank you for the video. I was still unable to reproduce the issue. Does this happen in new projects or just in your current project? If it is just happening in the current project would it be possible to get it uploaded to your profile? Please note that you will have to register a project with us to be able to upload to your profile.

This happens with every single project I have. I can try to upload a project. I’ll reply here when I have it uploaded.

(edit) It’s happening with a professional project, but I’m not the one to upload that. I’m trying to upload another project that was just messing around. I’m awaiting approval. Is there somewhere I can upload this project that is faster and doesn’t need to be registered?

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There are problems uploading and registering it, being that it’s not a real project. I’ve uploaded a zip containing everything to the same google link as before.

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Update: I created a whole new project from scratch and the problem is reproducible every time without fail. All I am doing is saving a project, closing, opening the project, changing the name, Save and close. When I open it again, it is deleted. I take that to mean that something is wrong with my application (even thought I reinstalled it recently) or something is wrong with my computer. I haven’t done anything fancy with Fmod, no clue what is going on.

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Thank you for uploading the project and testing with a new project. Unfortunately, using your project and following the steps in your last post I am still unable to reproduce the issue on our Mac:
Screenshot 2023-10-11 at 9.20.17 am

This issue isn’t happening for 2.02.17?

I just deleted, reinstalled the latest version of the software. 2.02.18. I created a new project and followed the steps previously written down. The issue persists.

I did just save a new project in my downloads folder rather than my documents folder (which uploads to icloud) and the issue seems to be gone.

Is there anything that could lead you towards? Once again, where I stored it never was a problem until I updated to Sonoma.

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Saving the project in an iCloud folder was the missing link. Although I have not had an issue with renaming events, any events created in a project hosted in an iCloud folder are not saving.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and helping me find the issue. I will pass it onto our development team to look into further. For the time being, I would suggest saving the project outside of an iCloud folder. Once there are updates I will post them here.