Mix 3d positioning with object spatialicer

Hello guys!

A various questions core api related:

First, if you plan to use object spatialicer with dedicated outputTypes like winsonic or similar, is possible apply first atenuation calculation, reverb and obfuscation and other things using the classic 3d parameters of each sound?

Or when you are using the objectPan DSP these configurations are ignored.

Other, you have to pass one DSP objectpan to each sound that will be spatialiced?

And for the future exist plans to merge these features?
For example if you select winsonic output, automatically are sended as a spatialiced object any sound loaded as 3d?
I think that will be a interesting feature, because switch between traditional 3d with a multi speacker system to a spatialiced environment (winsonic) will be very easy; currently you have to manage completeli different if you want to use one or the other option :slight_smile:

So it is. Thanks guys!

There is a section in our docs about the Object Panner:

The benefit of the Object panner is that it allows the sound designer to leverage Object based technologies. However it does come at a cost, since the signal leaves the mix at the Object panner and does NOT receive DSP effects on the parent buses like normal panners do.

Hello @cameron-fmodYea, but that documentation is about the studio api; I was asking about the core api :slight_smile:

So, the question is because in the documentation (the spatialization white paper, Object based approach) says that when you are using an object spatialicer DSP, you have to set the 3d attributes of your source directli in to the dsp passing them as a DSPParameter. But, what happen if you set that 3d parameters with the classic source.Set3dAttributes before setting it on the object spatialicer. Can be problems? Or, hwat happen if you use the object spatialicer but you set the outputType as a non object based output type.

Exist a method to have a easy convination of both 3d types? for example when you change easy with one output type or other; for dont have to create two different kinds of sources deppending the setted outputtype :slight_smile:

And when you use the object based approach how you can set or define room settings for reberb, reflection or other things?