Difference between FMOD Object spatializer and FMOD Spatializer?



what is the difference between these two effects? I didnt find any info in the manual but for some reason 3D Object spatializer on events cancels the send to reverbs on buses. That doesnt happen with regular Spatializer.

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There are a number of differences between the spatializer and object spatializer effects.

The spatializer effect is the default solution for spatializing audio, and suits the vast majority of events and games. It functions by panning and attenuating the signal output to each speaker channel at its position in the signal chain. It also automatically upmixes the signal to your platform’s surround speaker mode, so as to ensure consistent submixes throughout your project.

The object spatializer effect is specifically designed to work with platform-specific technologies such as Windows Sonic, PS VR, and Dolby Atmos, and functions by routing the signal and 3D positional information directly to an object mixer instead of through the normal routing path the event would otherwise follow; as a result, the signal does not encounter any effects “downstream” of the object spatializer. (This is why your sends aren’t working: They’re technically still functioning normally, but there is no audible signal at their positions in the signal chain.) The object spatializer also does not automatically upmix the signal to your project’s surround speaker mode.

Because it is designed to take full advantage of platform-specific technologies, the object spatializer can potentially spatialize audio more accurately than the spatializer effect. However, most platforms only support a limited number of object panners, so they are best used only for specific events that need highly accurate positioning for gameplay reasons.


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