Mixer Channel Names and Colours

I’m a committed FMOD user ever since I first laid eyes on your software. I think it’s an awesome solution to so many gaming problems for audio engineers. I’m only here to help improve the software for future upgrades.

For the first time I am mixing a truly complicated game scene. Currently Im looking at 24 faders just for the adaptive ambience in the scene. Having access to custom mixers and being able to use as many Groups as you want allows the mixer to organise and minimise the number of faders they are seeing.

Still it is very difficult to determine which fader is doing what. So here’s my question(s), in the hope that you will improve this in a future version of FMOD:

Why are fader’s names limited to 6 characters when there is clearly space for more? I believe there is room for your to have 2 lines for names, and you don’t need to use a Bold font which minimises space. I have 4 events for Ambient spaceships flying passed, they are positioned N, S, E and W on the map, and yet in my mixer all I can see is “Amb_Sp”. At least I can hover over the names to see the full name.

Also, can you please add the facility to colour faders in the mixer? You can colour faders within events so I don’t see why not in the mixer. You already have white faders for Groups and Black for Events, why not allow use to colour the events at least? And whilst we are here at colours some more choices would be awesome, so that I could have, for instance, all my spaceships in Red, but different shades of red.

For me, these would be two very small improvements that would make managing large FMOD projects so much easier.

I look forward to your reply.

I agree. An improvement of the mixer UI would be great as resizing, group and sub group fold/unfold more parent/child oriented.

Sorry, I just found out that the mixer is great with the custom views :slight_smile:

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Thanks for getting in touch Rory. I’m glad that you’ve managed to find the Mixer Views feature, which greatly helps split up your mixer.

In terms of showing more of the the bus name, this is something we can definitely improve. I’ll add it to the backlog.

You can actually already set colors on the buses. These appear along the top of the mixer strip rather than on the fader itself, which is color-coded based on the type of strip the fader controls. To set the color, you just need to right click the title of the strip, and set the color from the context menu. In terms of supporting a wider range of colors, I can also add this to our backlog.