Feature Request: Foldable Mix Groups

Feature Request: Foldable Mix Groups:

It would be nice to be able to select a group of mix groups (channels in the mixer) and, like grouping columns in a spreadsheet, fold them into a single, perhaps narrower, column. The benefit would be that it would be easier to keep the entire mix, at a high level, visible on the screen.

Have you considered using a custom mixer view to choose which mixer strips appear in the mixing desk? Custom mixer views can be used to limit the mixer such that only specific group buses appear, in exactly the way you describe.

To create a new mixer view, click on the mixer view dropdown menu (it’s to the right of the mixing desk, and written sideways) and select ‘New Mixer View.’ Once you’ve created and named a mixer view, you can add mixer strips to it by dragging buses and events from the routing browser to the mixing desk.