Mixer window does not show channels

Hello I am new to FMOD, I have created to events in the timeline and then open that the mixer but they are not appearing there as channels, what am I doing wrong?

On a mac FMOD 2.1.5

The mixer window only shows Group Buses, Return Buses, and VCAs. Whilst you can see the events in the left hand browser window, the actually channel strips are reserved for those previously mentioned buses.

Thanks for the reply, so how do I route my audio from a track to a bus to a mixer?

I am now understanding this is very different from a standard DAW?

OK I got it, Shift/Click the events and they appear as faders in the mixer…

You click and drag events to underneath the group buses in the bus browsers in the mixer to route the events into those buses. You can’t route from a track into a group bus.

It might be worth reading the documentation on routing and mixing:

Whilst ctrl or shift clicking events will bring up their channel strips it is advisable not to use this feature as it can cause confusing later down the track (eg. forgetting you set the event channel strip to a low volume but your event master track fader to 0db).