Monitoring FMOD Studio Performance on UE4


I want to monitor FMOD Performance values, such as ‘how many channels are active’, ‘how many channels are virtualized’, ‘how much memory occupied by FMODStudio’, ‘How many streaming channels are playing’, ‘Buffer size’ and so on…

However, there’s only one stat command ‘STAT FMOD’, and I can’t understand what means ‘CPU Mixer’ and ‘CPU Studio’.

As for Unreal original audio system, there are some stats like below,
Stat AudioThread Command
Stat Soundwaves
Stat Sounds
Stat Soundmixes
of course, Using FMODStudio, these stats are meaningless.

There a few things that are easily accessible, similar to what is displayed in our Unity integration.

 int currentAlloc, maxAlloc;
 result = FMOD_Memory_GetStats(&currentAlloc, &maxAlloc, false);
 int realchannels, channels;
 lowlevel->getChannelsPlaying(&channels, &realchannels);

 // attached to metering FMOD::DSP* (created around init)
 meteringDSP->getMeteringInfo(NULL, &metering);

We will look at adding this to the UE4 integration in the future.

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Thanks and I hope you add those to the UE4 integration soon.
By the way, what means ‘CPU Studio’ And ‘CPU Mixer’ on STAT FMOD ?
Their average and max values are percentage or not?

Yes they are percentage of CPU time.
CPU Studio is only from the studio thread and CPU Mixer is for the low level mixer thread.