How to read into profiler measures?


I currently work on a game using Unreal Engine + Fmod and I want to track cpu consumption. I used fmod and ue profiling tools but i am not sure how to interpret the results.

On fmod profiler:
All values are in % but % of what exactly? Fmod Studio User manual states cpu time is displayed in milliseconds. How to switch from % to ms? I Could not find any option.

Cpu info provide 2 values for Events and DSP. But the Events on the curves and on the display bar do no match. It seems Events curve value means DSP value + Events value. Is this correct? If so it should be mentionned somehow.

On specific bus, DSP value only is displayed. Again I need some precision. Is it percentage of total dsp usage?

In UE4 debugger I can display CPU stats for Studio and Mixer. what does each of these measures refer to? By the way I read in an another post perf was measured in CPU percentage and not in milliseconds as displayed. Would you confirm this?


The Studio docs are currently a bit outdated and a being reworked as we speak.
The percentage shown is the percentage used of the specific thread, Events = Studio thread and DSP = LowLevel thread. This is also the same for the FMOD stats in UE4.