Multichannel Transceiver?

Is it technically possible within FMOD to have a Transceiver to act a bit like Channel Mix, and send different channels of a multichannel source to different Transceiver channels?

This would help optimizing the streaming file handle count a bit, as a multi-channel source could be interleaved into a single multichannel .wav and then multiple mono, or stereo pairs could be sent to different channels.

Transceiving the full signal to multiple events and then using Channel Mix to isolate channels is a more expensive solution, I learned from Just Cause 4 that the channel separation is cheaper to do within the event: send the multichannel signal to multiple Returns inside the event, then add a Channel Mix to each return to isolate the selected channels, then follow those a Transceiver to transmit the signal.

Anyway… when I tried doing this with a 12-channel wav (7.1.4) it turned out that returns and transceivers can only send 8 channels - the rest are ignored. You can see a 12-channel meter in the receiving end, but the last 4 channels are mute.

Is this limit imposed by the FMOD Studio project channel count? Our game runs FMOD in 7.1.

In a game, the maximum number of channels used by a transciever effect is determined by the speaker mode set in the FMOD API. When auditioning in FMOD Studio, on the other hand, the maximum number of channels is capped at eight. I’ve added this issue to our bug tracker.

In the mean time, know that a twelve-channel transceiver effect should work correctly in-game, even though its behavior cannot be auditioned in FMOD Studio.