Multichannel Transceiver - Receiver set to Stereo


I’m using a transceiver to fold multichannel sources down to mono spatialized emitters as the player exits a trigger zone. The setup:

  • feeder event with multichannel audio file and no direct output; transceiver set to transmit, auto channel count
  • 2d receiver event (transceiver set to receive)
  • 3d receiver event (transceiver set to receive, then a spatializer)

A script blends between the two output events nicely. Both receiver events have a loop region to keep them active.

The issue: on my receiver events, the transceiver will only pass thru a stereo signal. So if I’m sending a quad/5.1 track from the transmitter event, the receiver event only receives the first two channels.

I figured out two ways to get around this:

  1. place an empty multichannel audio file in the receiver events
  2. add a 5.1 channel mix before the transceiver in the receiver events

Both solutions seem to update the transceiver to pass thru the full multichannel signal.

Just wondering if I’m understanding this correctly or overlooking a better solution? Hopefully this discussion helps someone else.

It would be great if transceivers set to receive could automatically recognize the # of channels they are being sent, or if the docs could mention this workaround.


studio v. 2.02.19 windows

The transceiver effect inherits the speaker format of the audio track it is placed on. By default, the speaker default format of the track should be determined by the highest channel count asset being played by it, though it can be affected by other effects down the chain. The two workarounds you’ve noted work, but you can also right click on the meter on the far left side of the deck at the bottom of the screen when the audio track is selected to specify the speaker format.

To make these workarounds easier to implement in multiple places, you can either make use of the event defaults feature to create events based on an existing one, or use an effect chain to bundle a channel mix with the transceiver.

Thanks for the suggestions - I’ve added this on our internal feature/improvement track. While transcievers don’t have any way of knowing the format of the signal being sent to them ahead of time, at very least I think the fact that transceivers default to the speaker format of the audio track that they’re placed in should be noted.

Hi Louis,

Thanks so much for your response, all makes sense! I have set the speaker format on my defaults as you suggested, and yes the doc addition would be great!


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