Multiple setdelay in same channel?

What should I do if I need to set the queue more frequently than the frame rate to do something like Granular Synthesis Example?

For example, playing the same sound at very fine intervals. (At this time, the sounds do not overlap, and the new sound is played after ending the previous sound.)
This can be done using setDelay on different channels, but the number of delays that can be set is limited to the number of channels.
Setting delays in real time is not in time, and there are not enough channels to set all delays first.
Fortunately, the number of sounds I need is no more than 4000, so if I can set multiple delays in the same channel (or close to it), I will play the sound without reaching the channel limit can do.

You could set up multiple buffers to allow you to create and play sounds at whatever interval you require ahead of time. ie. queue of delays and channels that get reused, not just queuing up 4000 sounds.