Edited Assets into a Multi Sound?

Is there a way to take a sound file that was split up into multiple pieces on an audio track, and send those to a Multi Sound container?.. or do I have to create separate files on another editor? If not, it would be a great feature!

Hello Rick,

The easiest way is to put the sound file onto an audio track and trim it to your liking. Right click on this sound module and choose “Replace Audio with Trimmed Copy”. This will create a copy of the audio file trimmed to your selection and place it in your Assets folder.

You can do this multiple times with the original audio file (no need to reimport, just drag the original asset back into the timeline) and then place all of these trimmed Assets into a Multi Sound module.

You could also make use of Nested Events in the Multi Sound module if you don’t wish to have multiple trimmed sound files to save space but this is at the expense of more overhead.

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THANK YOU RICHARD! I just tested and it’s perfect!